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Daniel Dutton, PhD

Assistant Professor

Department of Community Health and Epidemiology
Faculty of Medicine

Dalhousie University

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Daniel J. Dutton is an assistant professor in Community Health & Epidemiology at Dalhousie University. He is based at the Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick campus in Saint John. His current research is focused on social epidemiology and public policy, namely, how can governments influence or mitigate the impact of social determinants of health like low income.

Most of his work is quantitative, utilizing large data sets and modeling strategies from economics and epidemiology. His primary interests are population-level exposures and their impact on poverty and health, how governments can address those exposures, and the distributional impacts of addressing those exposures. Currently that work focuses on homelessness, low income, and governmental policy.

Dan is also the Scientific Director of APPTA, an AGE-WELL hub designed to bridge the gap between researchers and policymakers, with a focus on policy changes that improve the quality of life for older adults. He is also part of the IMPART research collaborative. He has taught or currently teaches econometrics, statistics, epidemiology, and population health classes. Prior to his Ph.D. Dan worked for a short time in the Ontario Ministry of Finance. 

Dan is the proud owner of the Dutton Research Group mascot, Odin. Odin is a Saint Bernard whose hobbies include cuddling and sitting on people’s laps, eating food extremely quickly, digging up the garden, and getting pats from anyone passing by the house who notices him. Odin slobbers on everything and everyone while trying to steal food, meaning he is banned from most Research Group meetings.

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